Academy Professional Development

A Professional Affiliate of the Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy is expected to seek support and engagement within the NMT community and associated professions to ensure that they have the tools to practice effectively within the evidence-based treatment model of Neurologic Music Therapy. Therefore, all professional affiliates of the Academy must complete 50 credits of continuing education/professional development within 5 years of completing their initial NMT training and every five years thereafter. Keep in mind that these hours may also contribute to required professional development for other professional affiliations.

Japanese Translation/ ?? デミーの教育 ??

Professional Development FAQ’s

NMT Affiliation Categories

The Academy maintains seven affiliation categories that define representation, responsibility, and the level of expertise and engagement in the advanced practice of NMT: Neurologic Music Therapist (NMT), NMT Fellow (NMT-F), NMT Allied Professional (NMTAP), NMT Allied Professional Fellow (NMTAP-F), NMT Scholar, NMT Educator, and Student.

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Ongoing NMT Professional Development Opportunities

50 credits must be completed in at least, but not limited to, 3 of the following areas: Focused Forums, NMT Support Chapters, self-study, providing or receiving clinical supervision/mentorship, Music and Neuroscience related publications, professional recognition, Global Support Meetings, NMT Clinical Practice Workshops, Advanced NMT Fellowship Training, NMT Basic Training, and professional conferences.

Please note that attending 3 NMT Local Support Chapters is required.

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