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  1. Hi! I took the NMT training in 2011, but my registration is not valid anymore. I have heard that I could take the training again, but online. Is this possible? Thank you so much.


    • We do not offer the basic training online, but you can retake it for a discounted price. Although your NMT Affiliation has lapsed, you also have the option to renew by taking the NMT Fellowship if you feel you are prepared to do that.


  2. Carolyn Perkins said:

    HI there I am an MTS and very interested in signing up for the NMT training that will be held at the Portland March 2019 conference. How can I sign up ? thank you so much


    • Hi Carolyn, The registration will be run through the WRAMT conference registration. Once they have posted a link, I will put it in the Academy website.


  3. Delaney Mohesky said:

    Hello. I am currently a music therapy student and I would like to confirm that I am eligible to receive NMT training. I would also like to clarify if my NMT status would expire three years after the training or three years after becoming board certified. Thanks in advance.

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    • Hi Delaney,

      You are eligible for the NMT training as an MT student. You will not be able to use the NMT designation until you get your MT-BC. You would have 3 years to complete your Fellowship once you get your NMT designation.

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  4. Richard Cross said:

    What is the cost for NMT training?


  5. Beth A Swinson said:

    Greetings, I’m a music therapist re-entering the field after 17 years of professional singing and vocal teaching at a small university. I will be renewing my certification by taking the CBMT exam within the next two weeks (woohoo!). NMT is an area that has emerged and changed MT clinical environment (for the better). I’d like to look into NMT training. Am I correct that the Institute is the first step for MT-BCs exploring the use of NMT in their practice? Thank you.


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