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Who is qualified to practice NMT?

Therapists who have completed the International Training in Neurologic Music Therapy through the Academy and:

  • Hold the MT-BC credential or certification or credential from another country and in the case of those practicing outside the U.S., hold an appropriate music therapy degree.
  • Hold a certification or credential in another profession dedicated to treating persons with neurologic impairments.
  • Have successfully completed a current NMT Institute Training within the last 3 years or an NMT Fellowship within the last 5 years.
  • Properly represent the practice of NMT by operating within their scope of understanding and seek support through the Academy as needed in order to protect the NMT treatment system.

NMT Affiliation Categories

The Academy maintains seven affiliation categories that define representation, responsibility, and the level of expertise and engagement in the advanced practice of NMT: Neurologic Music Therapist (NMT), NMT Fellow (NMT-F), NMT Allied Professional (NMTAP), NMT Allied Professional Fellow (NMTAP-F), NMT Scholar, NMT Educator, and Student.

Academy Affiliate Roster by Name and Residence

*If you need additional information about an affiliate practicing in your area please contact findanmt@nmtacademy.co.