Focused Forums

1 credits/mtg

The Academy Focused Forums evolved from a Masterclass perspective. Forums are designed to provide Affiliates an opportunity to discuss topics that are relevant to their specific needs based on their current professional roles and relevant ethical topics and responsibilities. Frequency and content will be determined by each individual forum. Focused Forums may meet either in person or through virtual means such as: Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook, or other social media options.

Targeted Forums include:

  • University Educators
    • These forums will involve discussions among professors, clinical directors, and supervisors in the university setting related to relevant topics, such as curriculum and innovations in teaching. 
  • Graduate Students
    • These forums will be an opportunity for graduate students from various universities to discuss relevant topics and share information related to research projects and thesis/dissertation development.
  • Allied Healthcare Professionals
    • These forums will involve discussions related to practicing NMT techniques within the context of professional scopes of practice as allied healthcare professionals. Topics may include interdisciplinary work with Neurologic Music Therapists and focused applications of relevant techniques related to different disciplines.
      • Physical Therapy
      • Occupational Therapy
      • Speech/Language Pathology
      • Nursing/Support Staff
      • Neuropsychology
  • Population Based
    • These forums will be led by NMT therapists specialized in various populations in order to share clinical innovations and relevant information related to clinical practice and reimbursement.
      • Neurorehabilitation
      • Hospital Setting (multiple units)
      • Disorders of Consciousness
      • Hospice
      • Autism Spectrum Disorder
      • Developmental Delays
      • Neuro-geriatrics/Dementia Care
  • Music Teachers and Educators (private lessons, school settings)

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