NMTAP Fellow

In addition to meeting the requirements to maintain the Professional Academy Affiliation, the Neurologic Music Therapy Allied Professional Fellow will go through an Advanced Fellowship clinical peer review process within the first 5 years of their initial NMT training and every 5 years thereafter, in order to demonstrate their advanced knowledge and implementation of the Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) techniques. Evaluation or clinical work voted as pass or resubmit based on a 70% majority vote.

Requirements for the NMT Fellowship include:


Bring or send three (3) video examples of you implementing NMT interventions you have used with your clients and/or patients. If possible, these techniques should be three (3) different techniques from any of the three domains (e.g. speech/language, sensorimotor, cognition). The recordings should be no more than one (1) year old. The overall presentation including all three videos should be less than 15 minutes in length. Be prepared to provide the diagnoses and background of the client, as well the functional goal(s) you are working on. Remember: You are responsible for having the proper institutional and/or client releases.


Bring or send three (3) video examples of three (3) different NMT techniques you taught to your students (e.g. that includes explanations, demonstrations, and student facilitation with instructor feedback). If relevant, these techniques should be from at least two (2) of the three domains (e.g. sensorimotor and cognition). The recordings should be no more than one (1) year old. 


Presentations must include published data from at least one study of your own work that is either basic science or translational clinical research related to NMT. Presentations should be no more than 20 minutes in length leaving additional time for discussion. 

The NMTAP Fellow is encouraged to represent their NMT designation after their name and on all paperwork.

Short Ex: Johanna Doe, PT, NMTAP-F

Long Ex: Physical Therapist, Neurologic Music Therapy Allied Professional- Fellow