NMT Scholar

In addition to meeting the requirements to maintain the NMT Professional Affiliation and the NMT or NMTAP Fellow Status, the NMT Scholar will demonstrate significant scholarly contributions to the field of Neurologic Music Therapy through research publications and conference presentations. 

The NMT scholar will:

  • Meet NMT Professional Affiliate requirements
  • Successfully complete the NMT or NMTAP Advanced Fellowship 
  • Publish at least 1 scholarly peer reviewed research publication highlighting or supporting NMT 
  • Give at least 2 NMT-based professional presentations/year

If you believe you have met the qualifications for an NMT Scholar, please apply here.

The NMT Scholar is encouraged to represent their NMT designation after their name and on all paperwork.

Short Ex: Johanna Doe, MT-BC, NMT-S

Long Ex: Music Therapist-Board Certified, Neurologic Music Therapy Scholar

Short Ex: Johanna Doe, PT, NMTAP-S

Long Ex: Physical Therapist, Neurologic Music Therapy Scholar