Neurologic Music Therapist

1) The Neurologic Music Therapist affiliate of the Academy must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold the MT-BC credential or in the case of those practicing outside the U.S., hold an appropriate music therapy certification or credential from their country
  • Have successfully completed a current NMT Institute Training in the last 5 years and/or has maintained 50 credits of professional development in the last 5 years
  • Properly represent the practice of NMT by operating within their scope of understanding
  • Seek support through the Academy as needed in order to protect the NMT treatment model

2) The NMT is not a certification or credential: NMT is a designation earned by the completion of the NMT Institute Training and maintained by following the standards for Academy affiliation.

3) The NMT is encouraged to represent their NMT designation after their name and on all paperwork.

Short Ex: Johanna Doe, MT-BC, NMT

Long Ex: Music Therapist-Board Certified, Neurologic Music Therapist

4) The NMT may represent themselves as an NMT for five years with the expectation of completing the professional development requirements no later than within the fourth year in order to maintain NMT status.

5) Should the NMT not complete the additional training requirements, nor contact the Academy within six months after the year in which the affiliation expires, the NMT will no longer be affiliated with the Academy and will be removed from the Academy Affiliate Registry.

6) If the NMT is unable to complete the professional development requirements for some reason, the NMT should contact the Academy Director no later than two months after the fifth year of their affiliation. Exceptions may be granted through a written request detailing the reason for the request and the plan for follow through inclusive of a specific timeline. Exceptions are granted at the discretion of the NMT Board of Directors or persons designated by the Board and will be made in writing to the Academy Affiliate with the detailed action to be taken and deadline for completion. If the deadline is not met, the Affiliate will be notified in writing that they have been removed from the Academy Affiliate Registry.