Clinical Supervision/Mentorship

A maximum of 12 credits of receiving supervision may be claimed for professional development. Note: 1 hour of supervision = 1 credit

Receiving NMT Supervision from an NMT Fellow:

Receiving supervision can be claimed for professional development if provided by an NMT Fellow or a qualified professional in a related field. Activities may include formal and informal feedback and problem solving of clinical issues.

Providing Clinical Supervision/Mentorship:

Providing supervision or mentorship sessions can be claimed for professional development if the claimer is a NMT fellow, Scholar or Educator.

Claiming Hours/Proof of hours: 

All NMT professionals are required to keep a record of proof of professional development hours for auditing purposes. The following methods of record keeping are suitable for proof of supervision sessions: 

  • Screenshot/copy of confirmation email from supervisor – Must include date and hour(s) of supervision session
  • Copy of receipt of invoice paid for supervision session (must include date and hours) 

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