Mission and Standards of Affiliation and Practice

ACADEMY MISSION: to disseminate, advance, and protect the practice of NMT worldwide.

ACADEMY VISION: to promulgate NMT as the gold standard in music therapy practice and to increase the availability of this gold standard in the healthcare arena.

ACADEMY PURPOSE: While formalized training in Neurologic Music Therapy first began in 1999 in an effort to advance the professional education and understanding of the scientific and evidence-based practice of Neurologic Music Therapy, the Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy was established in 2014 as a 501 (c)3 organization whose mission is to disseminate, advance and protect the practice of NMT worldwide by facilitating endeavors in the areas of Continuing Education, Student Training, Research, Information Sharing, and Reimbursement.  The Academy maintains an Advisory Council, which consists of practicing NMT clinicians who advise on all matters related to the professional and scientific development of NMT.

Mission and Standards of Affiliation and Practice Document

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