Affiliated Allied Professional (NMTAP)

1) The Affiliated Professional is available to those who meet the following requirements:

  • Allied health professional holding a certification or credential in a profession dedicated to treating a range of clinical populations
  • Have successfully completed an NMT Institute Training
  • Properly represent the practice of NMT by operating within their own profession’s Scope of Practice while promulgating NMT as an evidence-based treatment model
  • Seek support through the Academy as needed in order to protect the NMT treatment model

2) The Affiliated Professional 

  • Cannot carry the professional designation of NMT
  • Is not a professional music therapist after training 
  • Is encouraged to integrate the materials and principles of NMT into their practice
  • Can, and should, represent themself with the following designation: 

Short Ex: Johanna Doe, PT, NMTAP

Long Ex: Physical Therapist, Neurologic Music Therapy Allied Professional

3) The Affiliated Professional is expected to practice within their scope of understanding and to seek support from NMTs, and NMT Fellows if available, to develop a deeper understanding of NMT paradigm and its application within clinical practice and to minimize erroneous representation of NMT.

Short Course Allied Professional Participants:

• The Academy often offers short course training related to a specific discipline (PT, OT, SLP) or domain (Sensorimotor, Speech/Language, Cognition). Professionals who only participated in short course training will be listed in a separate registry category. Short Course Participants are not expected to be able to apply the principles and materials of the full scope of NMT techniques to their practice, only select techniques most relevant to their professional training.