NMT Academy Advisory Council

The Purpose of the Advisory Council in to provide objective input and recommendations to the NMT Academy related to actions that impact the future direction and growth of NMT. To advise in order to

  • Protect the integrity of the NMT model
  • Facilitate development and promulgation of the NMT model
  • Promote responsible and ethical practice by Academy Affiliates
  • Ensure availability of best-practice treatment for those seeking therapy

Suzanne E. Oliver, MT-BC, Chair
Neurologic Music Therapist, Fellow

Sandra Holten, MT-BC
Neurologic Music Therapist, Fellow

Kathleen Howland, MT-BC, CCC-SLP, Ph.D.
Neurologic Music Therapist, Fellow


Cheryl Jones, RP, MMT, MTA, Ph.D. 
Neurologic Music Therapist, Fellow

Maegan Morrow, MT-BC
Neurologic Music Therapist, Fellow


Contact the Advisory Council at advisorycouncil@nmtacademy.co.

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