NMT Academy Advisory Council

The Purpose of the Advisory Council in to provide objective input and recommendations to the NMT Academy related to actions that impact the future direction and growth of NMT. To advise in order to

  • Protect the integrity of the NMT model
  • Facilitate the development and promulgation of the NMT model
  • Promote responsible and ethical practice by Academy Affiliates
  • Ensure availability of best-practice treatment for those seeking therapy

Suzanne Oliver, MT-BC
NMT Academy Advisory Council, Chair 
Founder and Executive Director of Neurologic Music Therapy Services of Arizona
Neurologic Music Therapist, Fellow

Rebecca Eager, MMusTh
Neurologic Music Therapy Services of Brisbane
Neurologic Music Therapist, Fellow   

Carolyn A. Dobson, CMDCP, AAP-BC, MT-BC
Neurologic Music Therapist, Fellow
Neurologic Music Therapy Services of Dallas
NMT Academy International Council Liaison

Cheryl Jones Registered Psychotherapist, MTA, PhD
Owner: Con Brio Music Therapy
Course Instructor: Wilfrid Laurier University
Neurologic Music Therapist, Fellow  

Contact the Advisory Council at advisorycouncil@nmtacademy.co.