NMT Global Support Meeting-April 29, 2020, NMT Fellowship: What, How, Why?

Please join us for the weekly NMT Academy Global Support Meeting on April 22, 2020, 12:15PM (EST)-1:00 PM (EST).  During this week’s meeting, NMTs from around the globe will share their telehealth experiences and challenges using assessment tools and NMT sensorimotor techniques with a variety of populations, session structures (ie.prerecorded exercises), client resources, and platforms.

Press here to connect to Zoom meeting–  April 29, 2020, 12:15PM (EST)-1:00 PM (EST)

The NMT Fellowship is a peer review opportunity for MT-BC’s (or the professional equivalent) who have already completed the initial NMT Training Institute. The NMT Fellowship is required within 3 years of your initial training and every five years after in order to maintain your NMT Academy Affiliation. During the Fellowship, NMT therapists and educators present 3 videos of their clinical and/or academic work to their NMT peers in order to receive constructive feedback. The Transformational Design Model is used as an objective process to guide the discussion and discern whether participants demonstrate an appropriate selection of treatment based on the understanding of the diagnostics, functional assessment, and functional goals of the clients.

For many of you, the NMT model guides your clinical work and teaching and is often used in the title of your business or in your mission or philosophy statements to define what sets you or your practice apart. The NMT knowledge base continues to develop and evolve as we learn and understand more about music perception, cognition, and production and how engaging the brain in music can influence non-musical brain and behavior function. As stimulus specialists, it is essential to stay actively involved by doing Fellowship, participating in NMT support Chapters, and reading current literature in order to ensure that you can effectively practice at the highest level within the evidence-based model of Neurologic Music Therapy. Additionally, your clinical work brought through the fellowship process is an essential cog in the evidence-based treatment model. Sharing your clinical results during Fellowship fosters important discussion and drives clinical and research design. It is often hard to find the time and financial resources to get to an NMT Fellowship, so we have tried to create a variety of opportunities and options. To find out more about what to prepare for Fellowship or upcoming Fellowship opportunities please visit https://nmtacademy.co/training-opportunities/nmt-fellowshiptraining/.