Scientific Foundations of NMT

Neuropathology and Disease Review

Sensorimotor Techniques

  • Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation
  • Pattern Sensory Enhancement
  • Therapeutic Instrumental Playing

Speech Techniques

  • Melodic Intonation Therapy
  • Musical Speech Stimulation
  • Rhythmic Speech Cueing
  • Vocal Intonation Therapy
  • Therapeutic Singing
  • Oral Motor and Respiratory Exercises
  • Developmental Speech and Language Training through Music
  • Symbolic Communication Training through Music

Cognitive Techniques

  • Music Neglect Training
  • Auditory perception Training
  • Musical Attention Control Training
  • Musical Mnemonics Training
  • Associative Mood and Memory Training
  • Musical Executive Functions Training
  • Music Psychosocial Training

Typical Schedule